Pipe Marking Tape – Directional Arrows

Hazardous materials flow through miles of piping in many industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities. Just like hazardous materials in other situations, piping systems should be appropriately labelled to make people aware of the materials they carry.

Directional arrows indicate the flow and contents of a pipeline by the arrows and the colour of the tape which comply to BS4800 available colours and refrence codes are.

  • 12-D-45 Green
  • 10-A-03 Silver Grey
  • 06-C-39 Brown
  • 08-C-35 Ochre (yellow)
  • 22-C-37 Violet
  • 20-E-51 Light Blue
  • 18-E-53 Dark Red
  • 04-E-45 Dark Red
  • 06-E-51 Orange
  • 08-E-51 Yellow
  • 00-E-53 Black
  • Also available on clear tape


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